Wissenschaftliche Instrumente/Scientific Instruments

„Steam and Sail in Britain and North America"

Rear Admiral P.W. Brock & Basil Greenhill, England 1973, 112 S., viele s/w-Abb.

(Best.-Nr. 215) EUR 15,–


„Gli Occhiali / Spectacles"

Franca Acerenza, Mailand 1988, 142 S.
Kleiner Bildband über die Geschichte der Brille, mit vielen guten Farbaufnahmen, in englisch und italienisch.
(Best.-Nr. 216) EUR 17,–


„Spectacles and Other Vision Aids"

J. William Rosenthal, USA 1996, 550 S., 757 Abb.
Eine ausführliche Geschichte über die Entstehung der Brille und anderer Sehhilfen mit einzigartigen Illustrationen.
(Best.-Nr. 217) EUR 118,–


„The Story of the Microscope"

Harald Moe, Dänemark 2004, 256 Seiten, Englisch
Eine ausführliche Beschreibung der Geschichte des Mikroskopes.
Since the beginning of the 20th Century, the microscope has become the single most widely-used instrument in teaching and scientific research: it has an essential role in laboratories in fields as diverse as cell biology and art conservation. But its position as an indispensable scientific instrument has not always been secure, and its use and development from the early work of Hooke and Leeuwenhoek in the 17th Century, to that of Abbe towards the end of the 19th Century, has not been a simple story of continuous growth and uninterrupted development. There have been blind alleys, weird and strange inventions, and opportunities for craftsmen to exercise their skills in making instruments which today excite our interest and admiration. This story is the subject of this book, richly illustrated with colour photographs depicting many of the instruments in the Medical Historical Museum in Copenhagen. Moreover it includes detailed descriptions showing precisely how the instruments and their accessories were intended to be used, such that readers can fully understand and appreciate the complex and fascinating Story of the Microscope.
(Best.-Nr. 218) EUR 68,00


„The Snake-Oil Syndrome"

A. Walker Bingham, USA 1994, 166 S.
Alle Arten patentierter Heilmittel, wo sie herkommen, wie und warum sie wirken ... – ein anschauliches und informatives Werk.
(Best.-Nr. 221) EUR 38,–



Anita Mc Connell, England 1998, 32 S., s/w-Abb.
Allerlei Wettergeräte und Luftdruckmesser.
(Best.-Nr. 9.220) EUR 5,–


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